Friday, August 27, 2010

>CAMPHOR ALLIED & PRODUCTS LIMITED: Chemical market back on huge expansion

Since 1961, Camphor & Allied Products Ltd. (CAPL) has been a pioneer in the field of Terpene Chemistry in India. It established the first Synthetic Camphor plant with technology from Dupont, USA. CAPL is India’s largest manufacturers of variety of terpene chemicals and other speciality aroma chemicals. CAPL’s vast product range includes Synthetic Camphor, Terpineols, Pine Oils, Resins, Astrolide, and several other chemicals finding applications in vast array of industries ranging from Flavours & Fragrances, Pharmaceuticals, Soaps & Cosmetics, Rubber & Tyre, Paints & Varnishes and many more.

A state of the-art manufacturing facility was set up at Nandesari, Baroda (45 minutes by air from Mumbai) in 1999, to manufacture high value fragrance chemicals and fragrance chemical intermediates based on inhouse technology. Products manufactured at this plant are of international standard and are well accepted in markets abroad and at home.

CAPL has two plants – first at Bareilly, UP & second at Baroda, Gujarat. CAPL also has a dedicated in-house Research Center CAPL has been witnessing major change in the performance and profitability since the change in the management in 2008. The company was taken over in 2008, via stake purchase and open offer @ Rs 167/share.

The new promoters are leaders in fragrance industry – Oriental Aromatics Ltd. Since then the turnover has increased from 105 Cr to 165 Cr and NP from 0.49 Cr to 10.18 Cr.

Camphor has manufacturing facilities in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) and Nandesari (Gujarat). Its product range includes fragrance chemicals such as amberone, pharmaceutical products such as camphor and terpineols, aromatic chemicals.

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