Friday, August 27, 2010

>ADANI POWER: Plug in; More upside left

Still more upside despite run-up Adani Power (APL) shares have outperformed the MSCI India by 10.6% in the past three months and have surpassed our previous target price of INR135. We retain our BUY rating, as our new TP suggests another 16% upside from current levels despite factoring in the risk of higher tax incidence and a slight delay in capacity addition. We now
estimate the company will achieve 4.6x net profit growth over FY11-13, on the back of a 10-fold growth in power generation capacity to 6.6 GW by FY13. APL currently has 990 MW of capacity under operation and it will be India’s first power generator to complete a super-critical power plant, when it starts its Mundra III power plant early next year.

Modelling in risk of possible rise in tax incidence
Despite a delay in capacity addition, our FY11E EBITDA goes up by about 9% on higher merchant tariffs and more power available for spot sales. However, our FY11E EPS goes up only by 1.5% as we assume a 20% income tax rate versus 0% earlier to factor in the risk from the
government’s proposals to levy an export duty or to withdraw tax exemptions to units situated in Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Our FY12E EBITDA goes down by 2.7% as we assume lower capacity utilization as new plants ramp-up. We cut our FY12E EPS by 15.9% as we assume a 20% income tax rate versus nil earlier. Ceteris Paribus, our valuation is not impacted by a higher tax incidence as we were valuing APL on a fully taxed basis.

Raising TP to INR160 – BUY
We raise our DCF-based TP by 18.5% from INR135.00 to INR160.00 , primarily on a roll-over to FY12. We continue to like APL as we believe it will be the fastest growing IPP on the back of solid execution. We value APL’s 6.6GW of projects by estimating project free cash flows for the
next 15 years and then discounting it using project-specific WACCs. We consolidate the project discounted cash flows and assume a 3% terminal growth rate. For our WACC calculation, we continue to assume a cost of equity of 15% and a cost of debt of 11.5%. APL trades at our FY13E
EV/EBITDA of 6.0x vs the global peers at 7.4x. At our TP, the stock would trade at an FY13E EV/EBITDA of 6.5x. Key risks stem from execution delays, higher-than-expected coal costs, lower utilization and lower-than-expected merchant tariffs.

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