Tuesday, March 20, 2012

>CEMENT SECTOR: Growth in production & dispatches for the month of February 2012

Cement giants ACC, Ambuja and Ultatech together reported 8.64% growth on YoY basis to 7.67million tones in their dispatches for the month of February, after being stable for a month. Cement prices again witnessed an upward pricing trend in the range of INR20/bag across the western and Eastern regions again. This uptrend in prices is due to the improvement seen in demands. Cement Companies in Western region are contemplating a further hike of INR 10/bag due to lower Railway rake availability.

ULTRA TECH CEMENT: UltraTech cement’s dispatches decreased by 5.46% on MoM basis.
■ During February, 2012, UltraTech Cement’s (Aditya Birla Group Company) production stood at 3.468 million tonnes, growing by 3.83% on YoY basis and dispatches stood at 3.517 million tonnes, increasing by 5.68% on YoY basis. On monthly basis, both the production and dispatches decreased by 8.25% and 5.46%, respectively.

 For the period, January- February of 2012, UltraTech’s production and dispatches were 7.248 million tonnes and 7.237 million tonnes respectively, against 6.729 million tonnes and 6.669 million tonnes during the same period of the corresponding year.

AMBUJA CEMENT:  Ambuja Cement reported 4.33% growth in dispatches on MoM basis.
 Ambuja Cement registered a growth of 11.28% on YoY basis in its production to 1.993 million tonnes for February, 2012. The company’s dispatches also grew by 12.74% to 2.00 million. Ambuja Cement’s production and dispatches both increased by 4.40% and 4.33% on MoM basis.

 Cumulative dispatches of the company during the period, January - February jumped by 8.36% to 3.916 million tonnes against 3.614 million tonnes during the corresponding period a year ago.

ACC: ACC reported a growth of 7.50% on YoY basis in cement dispatches in February, 2012.
 ACC registered an increase in sales for the month of February, 2012 by 7.50% to 2.150 million tonnes. The company had sold 2.00 million tonnes cement in the same month of last year. Production also rose to 2.140 million tonnes in February this year compared to 1.970 million tonnes in the corresponding month of last year. ACC Cement’s production and dispatches both decreased by 4.89% and 3.59% respectively
on MoM basis.

 ACC's cumulative sales during the period, January-February of the current year stood at 4.380 million tonnes over 4.040 million tonnes in the same period of last year. Production also increased to 4.400 millions tonnes against 4.030 million tonne.