Wednesday, January 18, 2012

>PUNJ LLOYD LIMITED: Has ~Rs39bn worth of orders from Libya and set to start execution in 1-2 months

■ Takeaways from Mumbai – Punj Lloyd presented at our India Infrastructure and Industrials Conference in Mumbai on 10-11 Jan. Below we highlight key takeaways.

 Steady improvement in operations – Company has gone through a rough patch over the past one year, but says things are under control and improving. No new issues (auditor qualifications / customer disputes) have emerged in recent times, and losses in Simon Carves are over.

 Libyan orders set to start execution in 1-2 months – Based on the situation on the ground, company believes that it will be able to start execution of Libyan orders in 1-2 months. PLL has ~Rs39bn worth of orders from Libya.

 Orders and margins – PLL has won Rs120bn of orders in YTD FY12. Current order backlog at similar to those reported in 1HFY12 numbers. Company targets >10% margin at project level. 30% of projects have price variation clause for raw materials.

 Outlook on different sectors – (1) Power BOP – Company has won orders from GVK, CESC and KSK, but order inflow is now slow given problems in the power sector. (2) Pipeline – Average annual market size is Rs25bn, of which PLL has 25% share. This market is likely to increase to Rs40bn/yr. (3) Oil and gas onshore EPC – Slow as of now, but some projects which had been deferred are now being revived. The
addressable market size is Rs40-50bn/yr. (4) Tanks and Terminals – There is substantial activity in tanks and terminal space. Over next two years, 8-10 strategic oil reserves projects (each of Rs8-10bn) are likely to be given out. There are a number of LNG terminals and tanks orders from these which could be in the Rs2-4bn range each.

■ Balance sheet and working capital – Current debt is ~Rs51.5bn with average interest cost of ~11%. ~29% of debt is denominated in foreign currency compared to ~70% of revenues in foreign currency. As a result, company is looking to substitute high-cost INR debt with foreign currency debt to reduce interest cost. Currently company has ~Rs15bn receivables pending due to various reasons (~Rs4.9bn from ONGC + Rs3bn in India from OMCs and others). Oil marketing companies (OMCs) have delayed payment due to stress on their financials, which has resulted in some pressure on working capital.

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