Tuesday, October 18, 2011

>Container Corporation of India

Container Corporation of India (Concor), in which the government of India controls 63% stake, is India’s largest logistics company. It has three distinct characteristics of a carrier, terminal operator, and warehouse operator.

Though the first- and last-mile transportation is by road, rail is the mainstay of the company’s transportation strategy. A majority of the company’s terminals are rail-linked. Concor benefits from a close relationship with the Indian Railways. Several of its terminals are situated on leased
Railway-land. As rail mileage is cost-effective over long distances, the price advantage can be passed on to clients, allowing for flexible and competitive pricing.

Starting operations in November 1989 with seven inland container depots, Concor has since extended the network to a total of 61 terminals. Of these, 18 are export-import depots and 13 exclusive domestic depots. As many as 30 terminals perform the combined role of domestic as well as international terminals.