Monday, September 20, 2010

>SOUTHWEST MONSOON: In positive territory

The overall rainfall is deficient no more. Having covered ~87% of its full season, the monsoon is entering its last month-long phase. The rainfall for the week ended September 08, 2010 was, ~26% above its long period average (LPA). The cumulative rainfall for the week ended September 08, 2010 stood at 1.2% below its LPA. The number of divisions experiencing excess/normal rainfall increased to 31 from 30 last week. The number of regions experiencing scanty rainfall dropped to 5 from 6 of last week.

Weekly rainfall covers most of the country
For the week ended September 08, 2010, rainfall was in plenty and covered most of the country. Well irrigated areas have seen rainfall at ~29% above their LPA, while Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and parts of the north-east saw scanty/deficient rains. The southern regions; Kerala and Tamil Nadu saw scanty rainfall. Cumulative rainfall improves in rain-dependent and well irrigated areas Overall rainfall for the season from June 1, 2010 till September 08, 2010, has
completely covered the deficit and is currently at ~1% above its LPA. Rainfall deficit in
well irrigated areas dropped to 16.5% below their LPA and rain-dependent to ~4%
above their LPA. As West Bengal and east Uttar Pradesh still receive low rainfall,
rainfall in east Madhya Pradesh has bettered and is now normal from a deficient status
of last week.

Reservoir levels at 68% of their FRL’s
The reservoir levels are now at 68% of their full reservoir level (FRL) and at 111% of
their LPA. Increased weekly rainfall has helped the reservoir levels to pick up
Forecast rainfall for east, central and north India Areas lying on the eastern side: Orissa, Chattisgarh and West Bengal are likely to receive good showers. West Madhya Pradesh might experience normal rainfall while parts of north India; Bihar and Uttar Pradesh would receive relatively light showers over next week.

Kharif crop acreage at 990 lakh hectares, up 7%
Acreage under Kharif crops increased to 990 lakh hectares (lh) from 923 lh. last year; an increase of ~7%. Sown area under pulses increased ~22% as compared to the same period last year whereas area under rice increased by ~7%. The increase in coarse cereals has moderated to ~3%, whereas area under sugarcane has remained relatively stagnant since July.

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