Sunday, July 25, 2010


Bullish on Sterlite’s exposure to zinc
Sterlite has augmented its zinc capacity though organic and inorganic routes. Dariba smelter added 210ktpa, Anglo’s assets would add c.400ktpa taking the total zinc-lead capacity to 1,462ktpa; in all c.11% of the world’s total zinc-lead capacity. We are bullish due to two emerging themes for the zinc market - China’s robust concentrate imports, coupled with struggling global mine supply.

Downward revision to our short term metal estimates
The UBS global commodity team has decreased its 2010 estimates for zinc from 105c/lb to 93c/lb (-12%) and aluminium from 103c/lb to 94c/lb (-9%). This is due to aggressive sell-downs in inventory on concerns over policy tightening in China, slower loan growth and industrial activity and the ‘post-stimulus’ slowdown. We incorporate lower metal prices into our estimates.

Expect to catch up underperformance to metals index
We have revised our earnings estimates by -9.2%/ -7.3% for FY11/12 following the revision to our metal price estimates. Sterlite has underperformed the BSE Metals index by c.8% YTD; we believe it should catch up on the underperformance with the bullish outlook on zinc

Valuation: Reiterate Buy; lower price target to Rs225
We reiterate our Buy rating with a lower price target of Rs225. We base our price target on a sum-of-the-parts valuation of individual businesses. The value of businesses is derived from an NPV valuation method using explicit mine life forecasts. We assume a WACC of 13.2% for the copper and zinc business and 12.1% for BALCO.

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