Monday, January 4, 2010


Are you reading it correctly? Yes, you are. Am I out of my mind? No, I am not.
Gold prices are on upswing. They are going up at the moment slowly due to rising loss of
confidence of the Investors in paper currencies and also people at large. Gold is going up not
because of hedge against inflation – no one consciously buy this metal with inflation in mind. Have you ever gone to a jeweler’s or gold shop to buy the gold as hedge against inflation? Definitely not.

The analysts and media who have been touting rise in gold as investor’s intention to hedge against inflation must get their head and speech examined. They have been spreading LIE at the instance of the officials of respective governments. With the loss of confidence resulting in steep decline of US dollar, the US administration has been reiterating its oft repeated stance of strong dollar policy; and when the world is not listening to buy the bankrupt dollar, they have been using media and analysts to tell the world NOT to buy gold, adding that gold market is in bubble which is going to burst one day.

Anything will burst one day. Everyone will die one day. Does it mean that we should leave our desire to live and enjoy our life? It is nature’s cycle that what is borne today will die one day; and what is falling or rising one day will rise and fall one day. It is the eternal truth. We do not have to go to the Harvard or Wharton to learn that. This is the parental heritage.

Yes, Gold and Silver have been rising due to investor’s preference to get away from paper assets to something real. They no longer treat Real Estate as really a Real wealth! This is why they are turning to Gold. Gold is GOD, Gold is Truth, and in India there is official state Sanskrit symbol “Satya Mev Jayte” that means “Truth Alone Wins”.

This is the reason that even an illiterate Indian is buying gold all the time. He is not illiterate, today’s Bankers, Investment Bankers, Insurers, Central Bankers, Finance Ministers, Governors are. How do you measure the actions of all Central Bankers, including that of George Brown, the Prime Minister of UK who was the Chancellor of HM Treasury, sold Gold at the bottom of the cycle - $ 260 to $320? Almost all Central Banks sold over 3000 tons of gold at the rock bottom prices during last 15 years.

What the World Doesn’t Know
..Is the hidden the fact that “United States has lost almost all of its Gold during its covert practice for over 20 years”. YES, the gold may be there physically at Fort Knox or HSBC Bullion Vault in USA. But that is NOT enough. Who owns the gold is more important than who keeps the gold. It is like your goods are in a warehouse or bank locker. The warehouse-keeper or banker can not claim Title to or Ownership of those goods. These goods are kept with him in Trust.

The FED and Treasury appear to have been concealing lending of gold to hedge funds by
camouflaging transactions through various central banks. When those Central Banks lend to these hedge funds to short the gold, they appear to claim the gold from Fed and Treasury who earmark the gold in its balance sheets. In other words, the earmarked gold shown in Fed / Treasury balance sheets is in fact owned by foreign Central Bankers and is no longer owned by the United States. If the shorted gold does not return to Fed/Treasury, they will be obliged to show it as “sale” one day. That day of reckoning will come when the Foreign Central Banks start demanding the gold physically.

When the Truth will come out?
If there is a massive call from the States and Local Governments like California to launch a
campaign against the Fed/Treasury to give them enough funds by selling part of existing gold reserve of 8134 tons, will meet with the denials from US Administration (Fed /Treasury) on evasive grounds.

Both Fed/Treasury know pretty well that there is no real gold ownership left with them, and that selling of gold belonging to other nations would tantamount to committing breach of trust. Even the President of United States, be it were President Clinton, George Bush or Barack Obama, may not be aware of the constructive loss of US Gold through the hedgers who acted solely at the behest of same Fed/Treasury officials having ulterior motive.

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