Thursday, January 7, 2010


Major Players in the private Sector: Among the private players, ICICI was leading
again with 25%, followed by Bajaj Allianz by 17% & Reliance by 14% holding the major market share in the general insurance segment. These 3 players' aggregate to 55% of the total market share in the private insurer segment.

Growing Market Share of Private Players

  • Over the last 6 years, the market share of the private insurer has grown to 40% in 2009, from 19% in September,2004 .
  • On the other hand the PSU players were unable to cope up with their counter parts and witnessed a fall in their market share to 60% in FY09, from 81% in FY04.

Segment wise growth
  • The motor Segment clocked a growth of 7% in its total gross premium income. However the total share of this segment has slipped to 39% in Apr-Sept 09, from 40% in Apr-Sept 08.
  • Meanwhile the growth of health insurance was 16% and the market share of the segment grew to 22% to Rs.3905 Crs in Apr-Sept 09, from 21% in Apr-Sept 08.
  • The general Insurance industry grew by 24% year on year from Oct 08 to Oct 09 to Rs.3330Cr from Rs.2676Cr in the last year.
  • In the Private players, the Y-o-Y fall in the market share of the Insurers like ICICI fell by 20%, Bajaj by 13% and Reliance by 4% witnessing 14% fall in the over all market share among the private insurers. At the same time, HDFC ERGO Gross Premium Income heightened by 141% due to the immense rise in their market share.
  • Among the public players United India is leading as it rose by 3% while the other 3 witnessed a fall in the market share.
  • The overall holdings of the private players in the general insurance industry grew by 2% from 41% in Oct 08 to 43% in Oct 09. On the other side the holding of public sector fell by 2% from 59% in Oct 08 to 57% in Oct 09.

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