Tuesday, November 3, 2009

>The Trade Mirror: Bond markets and beyond

Sovereign debt: Rally ebbed on pending HTM action; auction devolvement
Corporate debt: Corporates step up CP issuance; 10-yr segment lacked participation
Flow tracker: Overnight liquidity back to INR 2.40 tn in October first week
Swaps, IRF and CDS
Macro variables: WPI witnesses pull-back; revision of 90bps goes unnoticed
Global watch

  • US watch: revolving consumer credit plunges to record low; -13.1%
  • US treasury: US treasury: 10-yr bond yield up 21bps in a week; fears unwinding
  • Treasury issuance and forthcoming releases
  • Economy pulse: UK, Euro zone, Japan
  • Key takeaways from rest of the world
  • Global benchmarks: Sovereign bonds of the world
  • Commodities and currencies: Central Banks intervening to support exports on dollar depreciation
To read the full report: THE TRADE MIRROR