Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Investment Rationale:
• The Company will invest Rs 2.1 billion to double the production of poly film by 2011-12, which will be funded through a mix of debt and equity , due to which its annual EPS to climb to Rs 10 for 2011-12

• The Company will increase the current capacity of PET thin film from 30000 TPA to 57000 TPA by the last quarter of calendar year 2010

• The Company expects to earn about Rs 10 million a year by selling the carbon credits

• It has been saving on power cost by switching to different fuels from time to time• The Company has forward as well as backward integrated manufacturing facilities

• The Company has sales tax exemption till 2012 on its second film line of 12,000 TPA capacity

• Despite its strong financial performance and good client base, the Company is trading at a PE(x) of only 2.94 against the industry average of 27.20

• In 2009, the Company has a low debt to equity ratio of 0.40 and a high interest coverage ratio of 6.98 thus signifying a low financial leverage

• The Company is a low cost producer of Engineering Plastics compounds and blends which provides it a major edge vis a vis competition.

• Many of the raw material manufacturing companies are present in the organized sector on account of high capital costs required for setting up a unit

• Technological developments play a very important role in this industry. In India there has been a slow progress in the technology adoption and up gradation

• Trade barriers in US, EU and Brazil continue. Turkey has also imposed an antisubsidy & anti-dumping duty on Indian PET Film producers

• The major raw material supplies are expected to remain stable barring the price fluctuations attributable to volatility in Crude Oil prices and the resultant effect on the petrochemical value chain.

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