Tuesday, April 28, 2009

>Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. (BONANZA)

Company Background
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd (OFSS) is a world leader in providing products and services industry. The company has a host of products that offer a gambit of solutions and services for the BFSI segment

Investment Rationale
Growth in Turbulent economic condition: ‐ OFSS would witness growth of nearly 60% in FY09 over the topline of FY08. The company, which is a leader in financial services software, has been able to maintain a robust growth despite a slowdown in the industry that is its chief client. The increase in revenue vindicates company’s software solution prowess for financial institutions.

Strong product pipeline: ‐ Company has a strong product pipeline that commands premium in the BFSI industry. OFSS’s Flexcube suite of product is a market leader and its products have more than 320 clients world over. Its other products such as Reveleues and Mantas are also well received in the industry. Going forward, we expect the company’s new products such as daybreak etc would rake in more revenues for the company.

Growth from key area of software products robust: ‐ The Company has witnessed a robust growth in its product business, which includes product licensing. The products business, which is a high margin business and adds significantly to the bottom line, has witnessed good growth. The company has witnessed 33.3%.

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