Sunday, March 22, 2009


On a weekly basis too, the WPI has decreased by 0.44%.

This weekly decrease coupled with high base impact of last year has resulted into a below 1.0% figure for WPI as mentioned in our earlier report.

The weekly decrease in WPI is attributed to the fall in the price indices of Primary Articles Group (decreased by 105 bps) led by fall in price indices of Food Articles (vegetables, fruits, food grains etc) and Non-food Articles (fibers, oil seeds).

The Fuel Group price index too declined by 77 bps led by fall in price index of Electricity (by 264 bps). In mineral oils group, the prices of HSD oil, naphtha and furnace went up whereas the decline was seen in prices of ATF, bitumen and light diesel oil.

Though overall price index of Manufactured Products group remained unchanged on a weekly basis, the high base resulted in “y-o-y” fall. On a weekly basis, the Textile (Jute hemp & mesta) and Machinery & Tools (Electrical mach) price indices increased marginally; which was offset by decrease in price indices of Paper Products (Paper & pulp) and Chemical Group (Basic heavy inorganic chem).

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