Monday, March 16, 2009

>Equity Weekly Watch (ANAGRAM)

Winds of change seem to be blowing on Dalal Street. The bearish stance of the past months is giving way to cautious optimism. The root cause of this new found confidence, however, is not domestic.

The country which was responsible for the global slow down is also behind this relief rally,

These three reasons have contributed to the bullishness in USA.

Statement by Citi late Monday night that it has earned profits for Jan and Feb. J P Morgan said the same thing yesterday.

Expectations that the mark to market rule will be suspended suitably modified to allow banks to breath easy.

Hopes that the uptick rule,that was introduced in the 1930's and that was repealed in 2007, would be introduced soon to curb short selling.

These are very powerful moves and therefore shorts need to be covered and time has come to grow Bullish horns.

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