Monday, June 21, 2010

>International Conveyors Ltd.: …conveying a robust growth story

Market leader in PVC conveyor belting
ICL is the market leader in the Indian PVC mine conveyor belt industry, where it has around 45% market share.
ICL is one of the major suppliers of underground PVC Belting for carrying coal & potash, and presently supplies over 150 km of PVC belts of various widths and strengths to underground coal mines in India.
With increasing focus on the underground mining by the domestic players, ICL is set to corner a sizeable share of the underground PVC belting business.

Stringent testing resulting in durable and quality products
ICL’s state of the art testing facilities ensure stringent quality control for conveyor belts at each and every stage of production process.
ICL’s conveyor belts are 50% more durable than the conventional conveyor belts, resulting in a superior value for money proposition.
The company’s products are approved by the respective authorities in India, US, Australia, Canada and South Africa — thus providing testimony to the quality of the products.

Superior products and customization created a loyal set of customers
The company customizes its R&D as per the customers’ requirement, as well as provides onsite training and demonstration at customers’ premises, thereby extending its services beyond the transactions.
The customization and product quality resulted in a high proportion of repeat business from the existing customers of ICL.

Technical capabilities acting as an entry barrier
The technical knowhow of manufacturing solid woven fabric reinforced PVC impregnated and PVC covered fire retardant, anti static conveyor belting requires atleast 5-6 years’ gestation period. Hence, ICL’s technical prowess works as an entry barrier for potential new entrants in this field.

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