Thursday, May 20, 2010


Smart Class revenues below estimate in Q4 FY10; company guides for healthy 32-40% growth in FY11

Margin in the K-12 segment contract sharply while revenue performance was strong; HLS segment continues to be in investment mode

Overall consolidated performance below expectations; Management guides for modest 25-30% revenue growth and 22-25% earnings growth in FY11

Downgrade earnings estimates but maintain BUY on recent stock price correction

To read the full report: EDUCOMP SOLUTIONS


Anonymous said...

I m so damn pissed off with Educomp Solutions Ltd, that now i had to use blogspot for my feedback to them. They have been so good in their performance but I know the internal information that is all unethical business going on like the way it used to be in Satyam computers and Mytas Infra. Most of the things are haywire and they have been fooling schools and educational societies for money. Infact they have been bribing big educational officials for their business from govt.

When the Satyam massacre happened they were been under questioning too, but what happend to that. All of a sudden the were out of the news and all cases withdrawn, all because of the bribing business. They spent a lot of money on bribing media and govt. officials as well to take them off the case. This is India; I believe anything can happen here.

There has been so much of lucrative business going on in this company that media can get a whole years news from them. Check their accounts its all fake, even the auditors were bribed- I know that for sure. Their best way out is bribing, they earn by bribing and that’s what they believe in. Sharad Agarwal the President is the kin pin who does it for them, probably that’s why Shantanu Prakash hired him, because of his lucrative mind in solving these issues. Shantanu likes himself clean by shooting on others shoulders. Infarct when this problem occured he was out of the country to save his ass and to avoid getting into any trouble. Their The Millennium Schools is a bogus way to convert their unethical money in white money. Recently their one of the schools was caught doing unethical jobs but again Sharad Agarwal was caught in scene bribing.

I think media and govt both should look into their business and stop these monsters spoil the future of our kids. We should all rip them apart in their unethical business.